Uplift Nation is a transparent blockchain network of non-profit organizations with a common goal to deliver the tools, education and resources that will help empower communities to become healthy, self-reliant and sustainable.


Massive amounts of charity fraud uncovered over the last decade, from "trusted" organizations has led to a "fingers crossed, wishful thinking" giving experience that ultimately leads to less philanthropy.

Uplift Nation changes this. Blockchain establishes transparency through a chain of accountability. Through helping traditional non-profits migrate to Blockchain, we open doors to a new giving experience by establishing a transparent and accountable giving network. 


Uplift Media

The Uplift Nation media database includes the latest news footage and archives of past Uplift Nation articles. Here you will find the collection of mBlu and community insights and development of the Uplift Nation eco-system dating from the organization’s creation, all the way up to the present day. Check out some of our featured articles below and learn more about our efforts.


Empowering Communities Globally

Uplift Nation has broad and ever evolving strategies to accomplish our goals.  From funding the building of schools, implementing ecologically responsible agriculture, creating energy and water solutions, to the supporting of innovative economic models that encourage self-reliance and sustainability.  Uplift Nation’s ability to help is limited only by the community’s imagination. Explore our social educational platform at UpliftDAO.com.

The first day of
Uplift Nation

We Don't Have a Food, energy or Resource Problem

The SEEDs To Uplift
by Francesca Blu

Ways To Help

Uplift A Life


Show Us Your Super-Power!

We are a foun-DAO-tion, owned and governed by our community of givers. Uplift Nation is yours, ours and everyones, created to enable global giving through blockchain technology.  We are an ever evolving platform looking to expand our reach and grow our abilities.   If you have always wanted to engage in philanthropy, the time is now, the power is you. We have been waiting for your "super-power". Our organization embraces the generosity and involvement of like-minded people, and with every contribution going towards enabling upliftnation's continued evolution as a Social Welfare Organization. We want to provide you with accurate, transparent, and pertinent information to empower your mode of support, so do not hesitate to contact us with your questions. Or join us on Telegram, Twitter or engage us on Youtube.


Win, Win, Win

Want to join our efforts but overwhelmed and not sure where to start? Contact us to become a partner and join our journey of global philanthropic fulfillment.  Our platform enables you to fulfill your passion for philanthropy through a transparent and fully verifiable giving environment.  Uplift Nation enables a safe and secure method of giving that enables you to contribute to our cause, and cross-promotion of communities that results in a win-win for all of us. Every little bit counts towards paving the way for a better tomorrow, and supporting our mission of creating safe, secure and transparent giving experience. Don't wait - contact below for more details about how you can help change the world.



Uplift Your Dollars

Help Harry's orphanage
La Maison in Haiti.

* US tax deductible

Uplift Your Tokens

All EOS based project tokens accepted.

* non-tax deductible


Uplift Nation is a Global Charitable DAO
(Decentralized Autonomous Organization) 

In 2019 Michael and Francesca Blu made several trips to Haiti and couldn't believe that after 10 years, it looked as if that devastating Earthquake hit last week.

What happened to the well televised global relief funds and aid?

Where'd the $4.4 billion Dollars the US congress earmarked for Haiti relief go?


We will most likely never know the real answers to these questions. The  technology today exists not only to provide resources and sustainable help where needed, but the ability to make the whole process transparent and verifiable.

A calling, a wake up call to do something was born. Combining Michael's years of technology experience and Francesca’s passion for philanthropy, they recruited a World-class team with a mission to bring transparency and accountability to charitable giving.

They imagined a World where every dollar donated was accounted for.

The dream is now becoming a reality with Team UN...


Meet The Team

Michael Blu

Entrepreneur, writer, producer and crypto blockchain vlogger.  He’s had 20+ years experience in sales, marketing & precious metals. Founded a national Gold & Silver brokerage in 2003 which he sold in 2011. Full time artist, musician and philanthropist.

James Durnil
Strategic Operations Manager

20 years experience in entrepreneurship and technology across business innovation, operations, risk management and regulatory policy at Fortune 500 companies, The White House and in private business.

Ron Jordan
Custodian & Strategist

35 years entrepreneur. Owner of Dublin Pump Company which services the groundwater and clean-water industries. Knowledgeable in the areas of water well drilling and construction, surface and clean-water purification/disinfection systems, Solar pumping applications and systems, desalination water systems (both membrane and thermal technologies)

James R. Diegel 

Co-founder, Community Facilitator & Design Consultant

Experience in individual and community centric design, implementation, and teaching of regenerative ecological permaculture practices in Hawaii, New Zealand, and Japan.  Editor, content creator, and promotions at Uplift Nation and Trybe.One


Chris Michel

CTO - Lead Developer

Senior full stack software engineer. Master's degree in Theoretical Cryptography. EOSIO developer since early 2018. Smart contract auditor. Author of "Learn EOS Development" book.

Raleigh Felton
Sr. Developer

Multi-disciplined designer with 15+ years of experience ranging from creative direction, product design, and front end development.


Since early 2018, he has built a reputation as an extremely creative designer, helping unleash the powers of EOSIO with projects like Emanate, EOSBet, EOS DAC Factory, EOSwriter, Malta Block DSP & Malta Block.

Deborah MacDonald
Co-founder, Charity Relations

Deborah has 30 years experience with executive operations and marketing in the Senior Care Industry.  Partner in several Senior Assisted Living Communities in Northern California.  Currently providing process integration and marketing for independent business owners.

Ricardo Schiller
Custodian & Strategist

Software architect, developer and trainer with more than 10 years experience in the area. Head of R&D at one of the largest consulting companies in Portugal, working on projects ranging from large business applications to small PoC apps. Founder of BlockBase.network.

Hawk Bjorck
Project Coordinator 

Knowledgeable in the areas of manufacturing and wholesale of submersible well pump products. Experience includes design and integration of financial market gateway platforms. Fluent in multiple languages (English, Swedish, Italian, and Spanish), currently serving as Director of Operations at Swiss Pacific, Inc.

Andrew P. Bryan
CFA & DAC Lead

20+ years in institutional finance. Quant at Harvard Endowment and TIAA Philanthropic Services. Focus on investment management for non-profits, quantitative finance, and analytics. Experience in hedge funds, private equity, structured products, rates, interest rate derivatives and risk management and sell side trading desks, State Street Bank and Credit Suisse. Custodian VIGOR DAC, previous MakerDAO.

David Packham
Micro Lending Finance Director

David has a 20yr career in finance and asset management in London, working for a range of global institutions in areas covering FinTech, business strategy and programme management. CEO at Chintai and EOS42

Gavin Carroll
Strategist & Community Builder

Gavin is a blockchain and information technology professional experienced with strategy, tokenization, team-building, recruiting, product development, creating partnerships, negotiations, product / project delivery and more. He is specifically passionate about using Blockchain technology to help solve some of the world's biggest problems.  Father.  Early Uplift Nation supporter and strategist, Co-Founder of EOS SOV and soon to release sovdex.io.

Smart-Contract Developer

Libertarian, EOS Enthusiast and backend developer. Co-Founder and Smart-Contract developer of EOS SOV and Architect of soon to be released algorithmic dex sovdex.io.  Engineering Degree from Purdue.​

Chareyl Gentry Moyes
Non-Profit & NGO Specialist

Over 30 years experience in community volunteerism. Fifteen years as founder and director of international nonprofit organization, Haitian Roots. 16 years directing international adoption programs for Wasatch International Adoptions.

Destiny Marshall
Strategic VR Facilitator

founder of mydappr.io, CMO of 4oryx.com and Team lead of the Telos4Africa initiative.

A visionary with vast experience in digital marketing. He's had 4 years experience in project management, a strategic facilitator and an innovative ideator focused on pioneering unconventional ideas.

Brandon Hughes
Co-founder, Finance & Legal 

15 years experience in finance and entrepreneurship. Owner/Founder at Advenire Wealth Management. Steward at EOS Denver. 12 Years experience in Microfinance lending. Traveled around the world but a mission trip to Rwanda changed his life and set him on the path to Uplift Nation.Proud father of 4.





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