How does the Uplift Endowment Fund Work?

The endowment fund that is designed to grow indefinitely. The value increases based on continual donations and the value in the underlying digital assets. A max of 10% of any asset holding will be sold at any given time but only if by selling doesn't move the market.


Which cryptos and national currencies do you accept?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and all EOS tokens, BOScore, Wax, MeetOne, Telos and BEOS currently but aim to be able to accept all digital assets in the near future.



Is my donation tax deductible?

Soon. We have filed for 501c3 non-profit status in the State of Texas and awaiting final tax exempt status.


How does Uplift Nation handle donations? What are they used for?

Currently 100% of the donated cryptos are held in a multisig wallet where they will grow until we hit a $5 million dollar value threshold. These digital assets will be staked and earn rewards that will then be used to fund charities and vetted charitable projects within the UN Charitable HUB at UpliftDAO.com. Donors can also choose to instantly fund projects directly.


How can blockchain and crypto help non-profits?

The primary reason charitable giving is in decline is due to the massive fraud uncovered over the last decade, from "trusted" charitable partners. The lack of transparency and accountability has led to a "fingers crossed, wishful thinking" giving experience. But Uplift Nation changes that.  Blockchain establishes transparency through a chain of accountability. Through on-boarding "legacy" non-profits to Blockchain, we open doors to a new giving experience by establishing a transparent and accountable giving network. Further, we have developed an educational hub where we teach non-profits on how to use and leverage Blockchain technology to evolve their business model, while enhancing their philanthropic legitimacy. 


How can I help Uplift Nation succeed?

1. Donate USD, Crypto or your time. We are a decentralized autonomous organization with a growing user base, if you have a passion to help and be a part of a community that wants to do enormous good in the world, come to our Telegram channel and engage us, tell us your vision. Let's build this together. Your legacy. Your Uplift Nation.


How will you manage the crypto and funds?

We feel digital asset crypto space is the burgeoning new economy now unfolding. we feel the upside value proposition for crypto and digital assets is massive so we want to maximize our exposure as much as we can. Certainly USD will be needed in the short term to pay expenses but we see a future where just about anything can be bought and paid for in cryptocurrency. We are hedging for that future vision.


Can donors direct who gets the funds?

Yes and no. Yes if the donor uses the UN Charitable HUB and make a donation directly to the vetted charitable project. No if the donor gives directly to the UN-GPA Wealth Fund, we rely on our trustees and community members to decide on which charities within the marketplace receive the rewards produced by the growing fund. This can change anytime or day based on trustee and user voting portal. However, any donor can be a community member and then become a candidate to become a director.


How do you prevent corruption?

We use blockchain to transfer all funds to charities who also have blockchain accounts so every transaction can be verified by anyone. We also have an active community who will get rewarded for uncovering fraud but also conversely rewarded for on-boarding legitimate charitable projects that the community deems of value.


How do the charities use the crypto?

Crypto is getting easier and easier to use as a transactional currency but until it becomes common place, organizations, at times, will have the need to convert to the fiat currency in their respective region to buy the resources needed to complete their projects. At this point the transparency gets more difficult to evaluate, so in-order for the charities to be in good standing and maintain strong ratings within the UN Charitable HUB, they will need to offer receipts, images and videos of works completed for the community to assess. As our community grows, it will not be uncommon to have boots on the ground in all the regions we offer funding to help survey the each endeavor. In the future, all payments along the chain will be on-chain and verifiable by all but in the meantime, Uplift Nation is taking the first step in creating a transparent charitable network that is trusted by all.